• K lab cosmetic Asia is leading supplier of European Cosmetics brands imports into Asia.
  • K Lab Cosmetic is a pioneer in building a unparalleled distribution platform to enable niche quality luxury products from Europe to be distributed to countries around the world. It strives to be in global prestige retail, interacting with our clients to believe and invest in their youth and beauty.
  • At K Lab Cosmetic, nobility and luxury are a norm for the common person. There is no exclusivity. We leverage on our expertise in marketing and distribution, and deep understanding of beauty, skincare and fragrance and market trends to partner with the best in the industry of technology and innovation.
  • K Lab Cosmetic believes quality exceeds quantity. Every product and item brought in has been chosen with care and passed the most stringent of tests. In our e-store, our clients can unlock their beauty potential, understand their skin better and try new products that gives them comfort and confidence.
  • Our people are of an entrepreneurial spirit with love of beauty for a healthy soul and happy life.
  • Our brands include Laboratorios Costa S.L.….. many more.
  • We know that how you look plays a significant part in your day to day life and we will always respect that. We are always on the lookout for innovative new brands and products to provide you with confidence to tackle the day ahead.
  • We have a dedicated team who spend time building relationships with our brands which means we will always provide you with the best advice possible. We are passionate about delivering excellence and setting high benchmarks in everything we do. We love the products that we sell and we work together as a team to make a difference. 
  • You can also connect with us on Social Media through our Twitter Facebook channel. We love to hear from you about your experiences, send over your beauty hauls, favourite products, reviews, videos or photos and we will be sure to reach out.
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